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About Us


Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS) was established in 1992 by a group of individuals to promote the awareness and understanding of the peaceful application of nuclear science, technology and allied disciplines. The Society is registered under the societies registration Act 1860 (Registration No.329). PNS has membership approximately 1800 members consisting of scientists, engineers, doctors and educators. Membership is open to any person or organization supporting the objectives of the society. It is governed by nine officers elected by the members for two year term. The secretariat of the society is housed at Islamabad. The Society is the credible advocate for the advancement and promotion of nuclear science, technology and allied disciplines in the country. 


The main objectives of Society are to

  • Promote research & development in nuclear science, technology and allied disciplines.

  • Peaceful application of nuclear science and technology for public welfare, and environment in areas of power, agriculture, medicine and industry.

  • Disseminate basic information on the use and application of nuclear energy in various fields and thereby contribute towards public under- standing of the potential of nuclear energy.

  • Enhance awareness in public about safe use of radiation and isotope based technology in the sectors of environment, industry, health & agriculture.

  • Establish contacts and collaboration with similar bodies within and outside Pakistan to promote the interests of the community of scientists, engineers, geologists, medical doctors and educators associated with research and development in science and technology.


To achieve its objectives the Society:

  • Holds meetings for the presentation and discussion of scientific and technical papers.

  • Disseminate information related to nuclear science and technology through publication of news letter, pamphlets, reports, and other relevant information material.

  • Provide advisory services in relevant disciplines.

  • Undertakes studies on topics related to science, engineering and technology.
    Cooperates with government agencies, research organizations, educational institutions and other organizations having similar objectives.

  • Provides awards to researcher for useful achievements in science and technology.


The membership of the society consists of Charter members, Fellows, Members, and Honorary members. 

a) Charter Members:

Charter Members of the Society are scientist, engineers, geologists and medical doctors of good  professional standing who hold any of the qualifications required of Members as given below and in addition have acquired by 7th November, 1989 twenty five (25) years of relevant experience in nuclear science and technology or allied fields.

b) Fellows:

Fellows of the Society are those eligible otherwise for membership and have additionally attained 25 years of relevant experience. The Council may elect fellows out of such eligible members in good standing by simple majority.

c) Members: 

Members of the society are those who are engaged in activities in the field of nuclear science and
engineering or allied fields, and meet one or more of the following requirement.

  1. Hold a doctorís degree from a recognized institution in the field of nuclear science or engineering or in allied fields.

  2. Hold a masterís degree from a recognized institution in the field of nuclear science or engineering or in allied fields, and have at least three (3) years of relevant technical or scientific experience in the nuclear field.

  3. Hold a bachelorís degree from a recognized institution in the field of engineering or medical sciences, and have at least three (3) years of practical experience in the nuclear field. 

d) Honorary Members:

Persons with outstanding contributions to the application or promotion of nuclear science and technology can be admitted as Honorary Members. This Membership Grade can also be conferred on foreign nationals fulfilling the above mention criterion.


Registration Paid Once
(for every new member)

Rs. 100/-

Life Members Paid Once

Rs. 2000/-

Annual Members (Annually)

Rs. 300/-

NOTE: Payment may be made through Crossed Cheque in the Name of Treasurer PNS.
          The Photocopy of membership form is also acceptable.


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