Art.1 Name
The name of the Society shall be Pakistan Nuclear society (PNS) to be referred herein after as the Society.
Art.2 Location of the Secretariat
The Secretariat/Registered office of the Society shall be situated in Islamabad.
Art.3 Objectives
The objectives of Society shall be to:

  1. Promote the advancement of and research in nuclear science and technology and allied disciplines.
  2. Promote application of nuclear science and technology for public welfare, in areas of power, agriculture, medicine and industry.
  3. Encourage education in nuclear science and engineering and allied disciplines.
  4. Help disseminate basic information on the use and application of nuclear energy in various fields and thereby contribute towards public under- standing of the potential of nuclear energy.
  5. Help enhance public safely related to nuclear activities.
  6. Further the interests of the community of scientists, engineers, geologists and medical doctors associated with nuclear science and technology.
  7. Help establish contacts and collaboration with similar bodies in other countries.
Art.4 Activities
To achieve its objectives the Society shall:
  1. Hold meetings for the presentation and discussion of scientific and technical papers.
  2. Prepare and disseminate information related to nuclear science and technology through publication of technical journals, books, pamphlets, reports, and other relevant information material.
  3. Provide advisory services in relevant disciplines.
  4. Undertake studies on topics related to nuclear energy and technology.
  5. Cooperate with government agencies, research organizations, educational institutions and other organizations having the same or similar objectives.
  6. Establish contacts with similar societies and institutions abroad.
  7. Establish scholarships, grants and awards useful in furthering the foregoing objectives.
  8. Engage in such other activities as may be appropriate for the fulfillment of the Society.
Art.5 Membership
  1. The membership of the Society shall consist of Charter members, Fellow, members, Associate members, Honorary members and Students members hereinafter referred to as Members.
  2. A Member in good standing is defined as being one who has paid his membership dues and subscription charges.
  3. A voting member is defined as a Charter member, Fellow, Member in good standing for at least 3 months prior to the election.
Art.6 Qualifications
Qualification for membership grades, mentioned under Art. 5.1 shall be determined in the light of the following criteria:
  1. Charter Members of the Society shall be scientist, engineers, geologists and medical doctors of good professional standing who shall hold any of the qualifications required of Members as given Below and in addition shall have acquired by 7th November, 1989 twenty five (25) years of relevant experience in nuclear science and technology or allied fields.
  2. Fellow of the Society shall be those eligible otherwise for membership and have additionally attained 25 years of relevant experience. The Council may elect follows out of such eligible members in good standing by simple majority.
  3. Members of the society shall be those who are engaged in activities in the field of nuclear science and engineering or allied fields, and meet one or more of the following requirement:
  4. Hold a doctors degree from a recognized institution in the field of nuclear science or engineering or in allied fields.
  5. Hold a masters degree from a recognized institution in the field of nuclear science or engineering or in allied fields, and have at least three (3) years of relevant technical or scientific experience in the nuclear field.
  6. Hold a bachelors degree from a recognized institution in the field of engineering or medical sciences, and have at least three (3) years of practical experience in the nuclear field. Honorary Members: Persons with outstanding contributions to the application or promotion of nuclear science and technology can be admitted as Honorary Members. This Membership Grade can also be conferred on foreign nationals fulfilling the above mention criterion.
Art. 7 Additional Categories of Membership
The Society may create additional categories of membership, e.g. Fellows, Associate Members, Student Members, in future as it may deem necessary, through procedures outlined in Art.15 on Amendments.
Art.8 Council
  1. Elected Officers The affairs of the Society shall be administered by a Council of Officers elected from among the Charter Members and Members. It shall consist of:
    One President
    One Vice-President
    One General Secretary
    One Finance Secretary and
    Five Council Members.

    The Council shall be elected at the Annual Meeting by a secret ballot cast by voting members. The candidate for each office receiving the highest number votes shall be elected. For (e) the five persons from those on the list of candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected.
  2. Terms of Officers
    All officers elected to the council shall hold office for two (2) years, starting from the Annual Meeting on which the elections are held. The President shall not be eligible for election to more than two consecutive full terms.
  3. Duties of Council Officers
    Specific duties of the council officers shall be as defined in the Rules and Procedure of the Society.
Art.9 Vacancies
All vacancies among the elected officers of the Council shall be filled by election by the Council for the Un-expired term, except that a vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by the Vice-President. The Council, at its discretion may call an election by the voting members of the Society to fill any vacancy or vacancies that may occur among the Council officers.
Art.10 Meetings
  1. Annual Meeting The Annual Meeting of the members shall be held for the exchange of technical information, election of officers, and the transaction of other business. The Annual Meeting shall normally be held in September of each year.
  2. Voting at Annual Meeting Voting at Annual Meeting by voting members may be in person or by signed proxy sent in to the sectary of the Society before the meeting.
  3. Special Meeting Special Meeting of the Society may be called by the President for transaction of any business by giving a notice of such a meeting at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting date.
  4. Other Meetings Meeting at which no business affecting the organization or policy of the Society shall be transacted may be held at any time as the president shall desire.
  5. Quorum A quorum for the Annual or Special Meetings Shall consist of at least twenty percent of the qualified voters, present in person or by proxy, such that, the number of proxies does not exceed those present.
Art.11 Funds of the Society
  1. Payment by Members
    The admission fees, membership dues and other subscription charges shall be paid by members as prescribed in the Rules and procedures. The fiscal year of the Society shall be from July in one year to June of the next year.
  2. Other Sources
    The Society may accept donations, grants and endowments from sources approved by the Council to further its objectives.
Art. 12 Cessation of Membership
  1. If the dues of any member are in arrears for more than one financial year he shall cease to be a Member. He may, however, be eligible for readmission after paying arrears in full.
  2. Any Member, who in the opinion of the Council, has committed gross professional misconduct or is convicted by a court of law for a criminal offence shall cease to be a Member.
Art.13 Local Chapters
The Council may authorize the organization of local chapters of the society at stations outside Islamabad.
Art. 14 Publications and Papers
Publication and Papers prepared under the auspices of the Society shall be issued on Authorization of the Council.
Art. 15 Amendments
  1. Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed by the Council, or by petition to the Council signed by not fewer than ten percent of the voting members of the Society. The Adoption of the amendment shall require the affirmative votes of not fewer than two-third of the members voting and the total vote shall not be less than twenty percent of the total voting membership of the Society.

  2. Rules of Procedure
    Proposed amendment to the Rules or changes to the procedure may be considered by the Council keeping in view the objectives of the Society. Formal approval of these amendment and change shall be obtained at the Annual Meeting or a Special Meeting by a simple Majority of the members present and voting.
Art.16 Preparatory Committee
In order to bring the Society into being and help establish it in the initial phases a preparatory committee consisting of 11 members nominated by the Charter Members of the Society shall be constituted. The Preparatory Committee shall prepare the ground for instituting a duly elected Council under Art. 8 and shall cease to exist on the formation of the Council. Till such time that a duly elected Council takes charges, the Preparatory Committee shall execute all such function which the Council is empowered to do under these byelaws.