PAEC Foundation Visit

The Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS) delegation visited PAEC Foundation on Wednesday, 25th  August 2021. The delegation comprised of Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khaleeq (Vice President), Dr. Mohammad Mohsin (General Secretary), Mr. Ghulam Sarwar (Finance Secretary) and Mr. Waqar Ahmad Butt (Executive Member). The delegation met the newly appointed Managing Director (MD) of PAEC Foundation (PSF),  Mr. Munir Ahmad. The delegation congratulated Mr. Munir on his appointment as MD, PAEC Foundation.

Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khaleeq initiated the dialogue and briefed on the purpose of holding this meeting: exploring avenues of mutual cooperation and possibilities of utilizing services of PNS lifetime members. The PNS delegation provided a brief of activities and initiatives of PNS in uplifting the image of society and the ongoing efforts to make society more vibrant and member driven. Initiatives like regular functioning of PNS office, energizing a dynamic and updated website, appointment of PNS contact persons (PCP), formation of Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), holding of regular webinars, seminars and visits were highlighted.

Mr. Waqar recalled and briefed about the earlier meeting of PNS council with the predecessor MD of PAEC Foundation, in which the functions and ongoing projects of Foundation were shared and ideas of some proposals/projects were discussed from PNS side. Mr. Waqar shared the strength areas of PNS like having a large professional membership base most of which have rich and wide range of experience available to be tapped for mutual benefit of PNS and Foundation.

The following items or ideas were exchanged in the meeting.

1   Starting joint set up for sterilizing of injection syringes and other medical use items requiring sterilization.

2   Joint working on gemstone irradiation project from commercial perspective. Mr. Waqar mentioned about the proposal being submitted to PSF by PNS in this regard.

3  Setting up of medical clinic in PWD area for welfare & extending health services to PAEC employees.


4   Setting up of medical diagnostics laboratories as business venture

5   Setting up of educational ventures such as Foundation Schools

6   Agro based farming projects like dairy farming etc.

7   Technical Consultation.

8   Collaboration with industry and offering of expert industrial technical advisory services for industries located in Gujranwala and Sialkot zone.

9   Construction of PAEC Club in Islamabad.

10  Work remaining in completion of PAEC Housing Foundation project of Lahore. What needs to be done to complete and deliver possession of pledged area plots to members of society?

MD Foundation was of the view that PNS may work on proposals in which it has core competency and monopoly like situation as competing with other players in market may be difficult. He encouraged entry in educational venture by starting schools similar to the concept of “The Science School”. The idea of offering Technical consulting services to local industries was also concurred. MD shared that Foundation has started to develop about 300 acres of land area in Nilore for plantation, dairy farming and other agro based ventures and requested Mr. Ghulam Sarwar to assist Foundation in provision of supervisory staff for dairy farm.  MD Foundation briefed about the status of PAEC Housing project and informed that it’s almost complete and allotees have started construction of houses. Foundation has also reserved a big plot for School building in the society. However, possession of plots to allotees has not been handed over in the area pledged as per requirement of LDA. The idea of construction of PAEC Club is still in infancy and purchase of land for its construction is being explored.

The meeting concluded on a positive note to develop proposals and feasibilities on few of the shared ideas like Schools, Consulting services and Collaboration with industries and offering of expert industrial technical advisory services for industries located in Gujranwala and Sialkot zone and Dairy farm project.