A delegation of Pakistan nuclear Society (PNS)  Council Members visited Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS) on 3rd August and held wide-ranging discussions with the Pro-Rector, Registrar, Deans of Faculties and Director ORIC. The meeting was started with the latest overview of PIEAS infrastructure, administrative and financial set-up, and educational programmes. The presentation made by Mr. Kamran Safdar, covered the undergraduate, graduate and Ph. D. programmes being conducted at PIEAS campus at Nilore as well as four affiliated colleges located in Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Karachi. The Council members learnt that PIEAS was granted degree awarding status in 2000, althoughit has existed as an educational Institution under different names since 1967. The PIEAS university has rapidly acquired a position among the highest-ranking engineering universities of Pakistan. Recently, it was designated by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as its partner institution in the region for high quality education in nuclear engineering and allied disciplines.

The President PNS, Dr. Imtinan  Elahi  Qureshi,  briefed PIEAS team about the progress of PNS activities during the last half-year, since the taking over of new Executive Council. 

He informed PIEAS leadership about the new dynamic website of PNS and requested them to themselves in touch with PNS activities. Calling the Society a ‘precious asset’ of nuclear community in Pakistan, he emphasized that a greater number of PIEAS faculty members should join the Society as lifetime members and contribute towards its academic programmes. In particular, the faculty members may be requested to prepare educational videos on basics of various teaching and research programmes of PIEAS so that these can be uploaded on the PNS website for disseminating knowledge and creating awareness about the peaceful uses of nuclear technology. Considering the importance of Students’ participation in PNS programmes, it was decided to hold an event in PIEAS in which students can freely debate on advantages and disadvantages of nuclear technology.

The PNS delegation was also invited to visit the Computer Centre and Library of the institute, which were both found to be highly impressive with respect to available facilities for students and faculty members.