PNRA Visit

A delegation of Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS) visited the Headquarters of Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) on 20th April 2021, and held a meeting with the Chairman PNRA and other senior officials of the organization. Members of the delegation included Dr. Imtinan Elahi Qureshi (President PNS), Dr. Mohammad Mohsin (General Secretary PNS), Dr. Syed Yusuf Raza (former Member (Power), PAEC) and Ms. Shazia Fayyaz (Executive Member PNS).

Welcoming the delegation, the Chairman PNRA, Mr. Faizan Mansoor appreciated the PNS initiative to hold discussions with PNRA authorities to explore avenues of mutual cooperation. He pointed out that the role of PNRA as an independent regulatory body for nuclear and radiation related activities across the country requires the highest degree of competence and vigilance on the part of its personnel. The organization has lived up to the expectations of all stakeholders within Pakistan and earned appreciation in international circles. He noted that there is a large number of PNRA professionals, including his predecessor Chairmen, who are associated with PNS as lifetime members.

Dr. Qureshi presented a brief overview of the scope of PNS activities as envisaged in its charter. Being an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit, academic body comprising of highly qualified professional of nuclear and allied disciplines, the Society has a mandate to promote education and research in various sectors of nuclear technology.

He emphasized that the Society is well placed to play a role in the dissemination of information and public awareness about safety and security of radioactive materials and other radiation sources. In this respect the educational programmes of PNS in the form of lectures, infographics, round-tables and seminars/webinars are helpful for supporting public outreach efforts of PNRA. The Society also looks after the welfare-related matters of in-service and retired nuclear technology professionals. He further requested PNRA authorities to extend in-kind support to PNS for enabling it to perform its functions more effectively.

Dr. M. Sadiq, Advisor PNRA, pointed out that the newly elected Council of PNS for the term 2020- 2022 has restarted the publication of a quarterly Newsletter, in which he is contributing as a member of the editorial board. This publication, as well as the website of PNS is a good resource for PNRA to highlight its contributions in safeguarding vital national interests. The Chairman directed Mr. Saleem Zafar (Member Corporate) to coordinate any assistance that PNS may request and nominated Dr. M. Sadiq to plan educational events that can be organized by PNS with resource persons from PNRA.

The meeting ended with a resolve from both sides to keep close contacts for implementing academic and educational programmes of mutual interest