PNS Benefits

Some benefits to becoming PNS Lifetime Member

  1. 1.    Growing professional circle by strengthening connections with peers in relevant fields
  2. 2.    Sharing specialist knowledge, insight and expertise by becoming a part of our “Special interest Groups” (SiGs)
  3. 3.    Free access to nuclear related webinars, online courses and discussions to share views and enhance knowledge of current           issues, challenges and opportunities in nuclear science and technology
  4. 4.    Group visits at various S&T organizations/ universities
  5. 5.    Lifetime Membership Card with a photo
  6. 6.    Free e-copy of quarterly PNS Newsletter
  7. 7.    Login facility at PNS website with a secure password
  8. 8.    50% reduction is PNS Conferences fee
  9. 9.    20-30% fee reduction in conferences arranged by other Organizations
  10. 1025% discount in fee on courses offered by Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi
  11. 11.   50% reduction in Annual Gala Dinner at Islamabad Club
  12. 12.  15-20% discount at various outlets, branded shops and restaurants
  13. 13.  Social programs like family picnic/hikes, trip to Northern areas, etc.
  14. 14.  Lifetime Membership Fee is only Rs. 2,100/-