SASSI University Visit

A delegation of the Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS) visited SASSI University on 23rd December 2020. The delegation comprised of Dr. Imtinan Elahi Qureshi (President), Mr. Waqar Ahmad Butt (Executive Member), Dr. Shazia Fatima (Executive Member), and Ms. Shazia Fayyaz (Executive Member). The delegation met the President/ Chairperson of SASSI University, Dr. Maria Sultan, in her office. She was accompanied by Mr. Anwar Habib (Former Chairman PNRA), who is currently serving as Director Power in the Centre for Nuclear Policy and Technology at SASSI.
The meeting was held in a very cordial and friendly atmosphere since Dr. Sultan has been interacting with many people in PAEC, especially those who have been posted in Vienna. She recounted the wide spectrum of academic activities of SASSI involving formal educational programs, training courses, public policy engagement, and international outreach.

In connection with the proposals for bilateral collaboration, Dr. Sultan suggested a number of possibilities including, inter alia, joint webinars, training courses, the publication of a journal, media events, revenue-generating programs, writing books, etc. She candidly admitted that NGOs/Think-tanks relevant to strategic studies need the intellectual resources of professionals who are members of PNS. On the other hand, the scientific community needs to learn the art of public communication, in which non-scientists in various think-tanks specialise. Dr. Qureshi impressed upon her that PNS would like to be the partner of academia for the dissemination of nuclear knowledge. Mr. Anwar was kind enough to agree that the speakers who are members of PNS, will be specifically introduced as such. Both sides have agreed to sign an MoU, after discussing specific areas and modalities of joint events, training programs, and publications.