A special session was dedicated to ‘ Science Diplomacy’ in the 7th International Conference on Aerospace Science and Engineering (ICASE21).  The three-day conference was held in the Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad, on 14 – 16th Dec. 2021. As a keynote speaker, President PNS, Dr. Imtinan Elahi Qureshi, elaborated the emerging trends in the concept and practice of Science Diplomacy. He pointed out the widening role of science advisors in decision making processes at the national and interstate level, in view of the complexity of global issues with strong scientific underpinnings. Dr. Qureshi noted that the developing countries, specially Pakistan, has failed to create structural arrangements for interactivity between scientists and diplomats. The bureaucracy as well as political leadership lacks understanding of the importance of informed decision making based on scientific data. He proposed the reinstatement of the post of Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, as is the practice in most industrialized countries. It is also necessary to restart the functioning of a Working Group composed of eminent scientist to assist Science Diplomacy Division of the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

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