Annual General Meeting 2021

As per requirement of the Constitution, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of PNS Members has to be held at least once in a year. Consequently, the AGM took place at Islamabad Hotel on 18th December 2021 followed by a dinner. A large number of Members along with their spouses and adult children participated (the number was above one hundred). Dr. Shamim Ahmad Chaudhry, the first elected President of PNS was the Guest of Honor. The welcome address with introductory remarks was given by Dr. Imtinan Elehi Qureshi, President PNS. He counted new initiatives which the present Council took during the past one year especially the restart of PNS quarterly Newsletter with an improved look and making the website of the Society more attractive and dynamic. The Council wished to take PNS at par with the well-established similar Societies in the world. He expressed his grievance that in spite of the fact that all Council Members are exerting a lot in terms of time and money by utilizing their personal resources, yet no concrete support in terms of logistic and financial assistance is being provided from the organizations which are regarded as custodians on the Society. Similarly, the academic contribution for the Newsletter from PNS Lifetime Members is very little in spite of the fact that intellectual resources of highly qualified and vastly experienced professionals is there in PNS.

The annual report was presented by Dr. Mohammad Mohsin, General Secretary PNS in which he said that amidst Covid-19 related restrictions, PNS has been able to make a decent impact in advancing its mandate through online platforms and physical academic sessions by organizing three Webinars and four Seminars in different cities. Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of PNS comprising of ten eminent professionals of highest repute has been reconstituted.  As a part of outreach initiatives, interactions, discussions and MOU’s of mutual cooperation have been signed in areas of common scope with institutions like Pakistan Physical Society (PPS) and South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI). Communication channels have also been opened up with International Nuclear forums like China Nuclear Society (CNS),

 International Nuclear Societies Council (INSC) etc. Side by side with academic ventures, the Society has highlighted the welfare related issues of retired employees of strategic organizations and also arranges social activities like hiking/picnic events for its Members.

The idea for establishing an Administrative Advisory Board (AAB) was put forward to the Members in the form of a Resolution. Majority of the Members preset in AGM raised their hands in its favor. The objective of this Board is to complement the mandate of SAB for creating greater visibility of PNS in print/social media and awareness among the administration of strategic organization as well as policy makers in the sectors of S&T, safety & security, international relations and industrial development.

Keeping up the tradition to be in line with the mandate, a special technical lecture was arranged during the AGM. A renowned scientist, Dr. Jean-Pierre Charles REVOL who has been associated with CERN for a very long time and was the Chairman of the Joint CERN-Pakistan-Committee gave a fascinating talk on “Accelerator-Driven Systems towards Sustainable Nuclear Fission Energy” (Online from Geneva, Switzerland). The lecture was dedicated to Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad, former Chairman PAEC in recognition of his meritorious services to the nation.

In the end, the Guest of Honor, Dr. Shamim Chaudhry addressed the audience, He recalled the early days when PNS was formed about 30 years ago by some thoughtful scientists in PINSTECH. He elaborated that after passing through different phases, PNS is now an established forum comprising of more than 1000 lifetime members. He praised all those who played their part to obtain the envisioned objectives of the society. He lauded the present Council for putting new life by efficiently organizing various programmes. He urged the organizations involved in nuclear S&T to support PNS as it is a very effective forum to promote the soft image of the country in the nuclear field.