Tribute to Prof. Abdus Salam, Noble Laureate
Held at NCP, Islamabad on 21 November 2022
PNS International Conference Opening Ceremony
Held in Islamabad on 24 October 2022
PNS International Conference Closing Ceremony
Held in Islamabad on 26 October 2022
PNS International Conference Women in Nuclear (WiN) Session
Held in Islamabad on 25 October 2022
PNS International Conference Student Session
Held in Islamabad on 25 October 2022
Symposium on Medical Physics
Held at KIRAN, Karachi on 14 September 2022
Visit of PNS Council to Such TV Karachi
13 September 2022
Seminar on Long Term Safety of Nuclear Power Plants
Held at K-2, Karachi on 12th September 2022
PNS-GINOR Joint Seminar on Role of Nuclear Medicine in Thyroid Cancer Management
Held at GINOR Gilgit on 25 July 2022
Meeting of PNS Council with Chairman PAEC
Held at PAEC Head Office on 20 July 2022
First Meeting of PNS Administrative Advisory Board
Held at PNS Secretariat on 5 July 2022
Tribute to Dr. I. H. Usmani
Held in Islamabad on 17 June 2022
Seminar on Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency
Held at PNRA on 31 May 2022.
Symposium on Roll of Mathematics in the Development of Science and Technology
Held at GCU, Lahore on 23rd May 2022.
Seminar on Prospects, Exploration and Usage of Rare Earth Elements in Pakistan
Held at CEES, University of the Punjab, Lahore on 16 March 2022
First Meeting of PNS Scientific Advisory Board
Held at PNS Secretariat on 8 February 2022

About PNS

PNS is a professional society for the promotion of peaceful uses of nuclear technology in Pakistan and awareness about its benefits to the society, in the form of sustainable socio-economic development.

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PNS Membership Benifits

 1   Growing professional circle by strengthening connections with peers in relevant fields

2  Counseling/guidance to young scientists/engineers in their professional careers

3 Help to science/engineering graduates in pursuits of higher studies

4 Free access to nuclear related webinars, online courses and discussions to share views

5  Enhance knowledge of current issues, challenges and opportunities in nuclear S&T

6  Group visits at various S&T organizations/universities

7  Free e-copy of quarterly PNS Newsletter

8  Login facility at PNS website with a secure password

9  A Certificate and a Membership Card with a photo

10  50% reduction in PNS conferences fee

11  20-30% fee reduction in conferences arranged by other organizations

12  25% discount in fee on courses offered by Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM)

13  50% reduction in Annual Dinner/Eid Milan and other parties

14  Social programmes like family picnic/hikes, trip to Northern areas, etc.

15  Registration/Lifetime Membership Fee is only Rs. 2,100/-.

16  The membership Fee for students is Rs. 1,100/- for five years

Membership Form is available at (Form and Fee can be deposited online in PNS Bank Account at NBP, Margalla Br. Islamabad, IBAN: PK18NBPA1725004018982691)

PNS Membership

PNS is the premier society of Pakistani professionals associated with nuclear and allied fields and dedicated to promote the peaceful and safe uses of nuclear technology

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