PNS Introduction

Welcome to the website of the Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS).

PNS is a representative body of highly qualified professionals; mainly scientists, engineers, doctors, educators, and technologists, associated with nuclear science and allied disciplines, including their technological applications.  

The Society’s inception in 1990 marked the emergence of an organized nuclear science community in Pakistan for the first time, dedicated to the promotion of nuclear science and technology at the national level and to foster the networking of its practitioners. PNS is registered under the societies’ registration Act 1860 and operates under its own bylaws. The principal mandate of the Society is to create awareness and understanding of the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology.

Being a non-governmental, non-profit, academic, scientific body, it freely interacts with other professional societies, think-tanks, and organizations on issues related to the role played by nuclear science and technology in socio-economic development across the world.  


Among its objectives laid down in its constitution, the major emphasis is on the dissemination of basic information on nuclear energy and awareness in public about the safe uses of radiation and radioisotope-based technology in the environment, industry, health & agricultural sectors.

The PNS has more than 1000 life members spread across Pakistan and abroad, while its secretariat is permanently based in Islamabad.  The society’s affairs are managed by a 9-members Council elected by PNS members for two years term.

Over the last thirty years, PNS has organized a large number of conferences, seminars, workshops, and lectures in the areas of nuclear power, applications of radiation technologies in agriculture, industry, water resource management, nuclear medicine, safety, and security.

The society aims to nurture a vibrant and productive scientific community, dedicated to sustainable development at the national and international level.